Shipping Your Goods from China

Different shipments you need to know, such as air express (FedEX, DHL, UPS, etc), air freight, sea freight 

Solutions for Every Shipping

We have a solution for every shipping challenge

Sea Freight

Sea freight is cost effective and also allows you to ship bulky and heavy items.

Air Freight

Air freight is suitable for the chargeable weight is more than 250 kilograms

Express Courier

Air express is suitable for small shipment less than 200 kilograms

Shipments - Full Details

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. we help you handle all.

Ex Works

Customers must arrange transportation from our warehouse in Yiwu to the final destination

Free on Board

Depending on total volume of the shipment, customers need to pay extra FOB cost.We deliver cargo to the Port of Ningbo.

Cost Insurance Freight

Customers must manage shipment from port to their warehouse, and do the import process.

Delivered Duty

We charge you an all-included shipping price to your destination for air freight and sea freight

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