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There are tens thousands of suppliers and manufacturer at 1688.com in China

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1688pals is  a China 1688 sourcing agent company who can help you handle all.

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According to your needs,we will search 100+ manufacturers at 1688.com , and help you get products you need .

negotiated price

Our professional purchasing manager helps you get the best price from the manufacturer you will buy it from

follow up

You agent will follow up the manufacturing so that production may be carried out according to your plan

Quality Control

We help you collect all your goods in our warehouse. All goods will be inspected by our quality Inspector

custom declaration

We help you fill in relevant information about custom declaration in China and mail related documents to you.

Shipping Arrangement

We arrange shipping about domestic shipping in China to our warehouse and international shipping to your country.

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1688pals is good 1688 buying agent for us to buy products from 1688.com. It is very efficient. Received our product in time. Could not be happier with Its performance.
John Doe

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